MIMK-127 | "Those who control sexual desire control schoolwork!" Live action version Kana Kusakabe

MIMK-127 |
Label: Mankitsu
Director: Bieber Gonzo
Studio: MOODYZ

"Once you ejaculate, you'll study hard!" I've never seen such an erotic and gentle teaching mom! If you take care of your son's sexual desires, he can concentrate on his studies and get better grades... After hearing the story of a mom friend, the mother started letting him ejaculate whenever he wanted! A quick handjob in the morning! Kitchen pussy treatment before dinner! Anal licking handjob in the bathroom! Akatsuki who passes university even has raw sex! ? If you're feeling horny, you should ask a plump, erotic, voluptuous mother with big breasts and a big butt! A complete live-action version of the new common sense incest story drawn by Natsume Benkei, a mother-child incest genius!


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