ABF-083 | Absolutely faithful secretary Airi Suzumura

ABF-083 | Absolutely faithful secretary Airi Suzumura
Director: Michiru San
Studio: Prestige

Prestige exclusive actress “Airi Suzumura” dedicates her heart and body to the company! Airi works as a secretary to the president of a major company in Tokyo. The president's orders are always carried out. We will do whatever it takes to increase sales! We are also good at caring for employees who are not feeling well! Take the employee's stress along with semen with a rich blowjob and hand job as a welfare benefit! When he sneaks into a party at a competing company, he uses clever words to lure the bosses into taking off their pants! After making his penis erect with a vacuum blowjob, he fucks him until he passes out and gets top secret information! Take a look at Airi Suzumura, an absolutely loyal secretary who struggles every day by making full use of her superb body and technique!


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